22 Feb


Hi there! Another busy day! Just want to let you know that today’s panty is a sexy white cotton boyshort. It is very cute fits very snug against my wet pussy. Today’s panty will come with a free video that will be made and delivered as soon as payment is confirmed. Please have a Paypal account to order. Don’t forget to check out my menu and add a pussypop to your order!!


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Anal Bead Fun

2 Jun

love it when I get the opportunity to return favors. Ade gave that to me. When he showed up at my flat with a handful of anal beads, I couldn’t wait to give them back to him…

If you know what I mean…

Ade was such a sweetheart. I would have never thought that this was something that he was into. I took my part in this whole game. I played his dominatrix and made him bend over in front of me, after completely stripping.

I pushed the beads into his tight ass, slowly at first. He begged me for more, but I made him wait and suffer. I told him he better hold them there while I took care of the rest.

I handed him a set of beads. It was my turn. I was so fucking wet from doing it to him that he had no problems slipping them into me. But he didn’t just slide them in. He fucked me with them. The ribbed edges of each bead bounced through my hole. When I turned around, I saw that he had been a good boy, holding those other beads in his ass the entire time he was fucking me.

Well, it just got better from there. His cock was throbbing, and he slid that into my hot pussy too. He fucked me from behind so slowly, with those beads inside my ass bouncing back and forth. I reached through my legs to his ass and started fucking him with his beads. As he moaned and groaned, I forced those beads into him harder. I wanted him to feel what I was feeling as he fucked me deep.

Even with as slow as Ade was going, I just wanted to blow all over him. This wasn’t my normal hardcore fuck. No, this was easy going and so nice. And I couldn’t help but have the absolute need to blow my juice from his top to his bottom.

He stayed in me, so slow, so soft. As I worked him, he suddenly turned his whole outlook on all of this. Ade pinned me to the floor and suddenly started fucking me from behind with everything he had in him. He held those beads in his ass, and as his dick pushed deep inside of my pussy, so did the beads in my ass.

He changed it again from there. Back and forth he went on me. Anal in, dick out, dick in, anal out. He kept doing it to me, harder and faster. I screamed out loud as he pushed harder and harder, my cum exploding all over him. I swear I had cum coming out my ass too, but it was Ade when he pulled out and shot his load all over my ass and the beads.

I fell over, breathing hard. I just couldn’t believe sweet and gentle Ade could go like that.

The funny part, I forgot Ade had beads in his ass until he asked if he could take them back out.

Gang Bang

1 Jun

I nervously opened the unlocked door and walked into the dark and empty flat a little after 12pm, just like I had been asked to by Jake. He had told me earlier that he wanted me to fulfil his fantasy of tying me up and to pretend to be “taken against my will”. It seemed weird to me at the time but I agreed to do it because I was feeling rather bold that day.  Little did I know what a wild ride was in store for me!


I was wearing a white buttoned top and a sexy short skirt. “Jake, where are you?” I called out. I felt a hand touch my waist. “Hey baby.” Before I could turn to face Jake, he suddenly put his hand on my mouth and picked me up. He rushed to his bedroom and slammed me face down on his bed.  He quickly got on top of me and blindfolded me. “Jake, what the fuck are you doing?” I pretended to protest and resist just as I assumed he wanted me to. “It’s going to be fun, just wait.” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that but decided to go with it anyway.


He slowly stripped me naked, kissing me all over. He fingered and licked my asshole while slapping my clit. He then vigorously probed my pussy with his tongue till I hit my first orgasm. At this point, I heard someone else enter the room. “Jake, is there someone else?” I inquired unable to see clearly due to the blindfold. Suddenly, I was picked up and made to kneel on the floor. Before I could even say anything, a thick cock entered my mouth and started pounding my throat. “Suck it bitch!” said the mystery man. The “fun” had just begun!


I had barely adjusted myself to accommodate the mystery man’s thick cock in my mouth, when my legs were lifted up behind me and Jake shoved his cock deep in my pussy and started ramming away. I couldn’t believe the position I was in. I was being held by two guys who were fucking me hard at both my ends!


After being fucked mercilessly in that position for a while, I was then flung onto the bed. I was pinned down by one of the guys. I couldn’t tell who as I was trying to gather my breath. He spat on my asshole and shoved his cock right in. I yelled in pain as my asshole was getting ravaged. The other guy grabbed my head and kissed me hard on the lips and then shoved his dick in my mouth. Since I couldn’t see who was doing what to me, I felt I was being ravaged by beasts!


Just as I had hit a second mind numbing orgasm, I was flipped over and both guys completely drenched my face with their huge loads.


I was dying to see who the mystery man was. But just as I removed my blindfold, I heard him leave out the door. Jake was lying blissfully next to me with his eyes closed. “Who was the other guy?” I asked curiously.


“Why? Was he too rough for you to handle?” Jake shot back.


“Yes and I loved it! We all should definitely hook up again. Next time I’ll bring the blindfold!” I smiled shamelessly.


Fireman Steve

31 May

I love everything about the outdoors, espcially the fun that can be had in it!. When Steve came to mine, that’s what he wanted. We planned a little picnic in a wide open field, followed by some open field sex.

I only took a small blanket with us. I realized very quickly that Steve’s last interest was the picnic lunch and his idea of eating out was not what I had packed.  Rather, he wanted what I was packing underneath.

Steve was very frisky that day. As we walked out to the field, he was becoming hornier by the second. His cock was already splitting through his zip and I found myself dripping down my leg. He decided for us to skip laying out the blanket and took me to the ground.

The rocks and grass stung underneath me, but I couldn’t really tell with his face buried in my puss. His fingers made their way into me, driving me hardcore. He finger fucked me while he ate and slobbered my juice all over his face. I figured out very quickly he wasn’t quitting until he had finger fucked me to cum city, and boy did I ever. He hit that g-spot just right and I shot my load all over his face and down his shirt.

It was his turn. He mounted me from the top and fucked me hard. His dick pushed inside of me until I could have sworn the tip was hitting my back. His cock throbbed me hard. I didn’t know what to think about Steve. He just wanted to fuck and leave it at that.

I took him as he was, fucking me missionary style and taking it in his own control. He wouldn’t let me take him into my mouth, nor would he flip me over. He just wanted to fuck me his way.

And I let him…

I wanted to this time. I let him have me and do what he wanted to me. Before I knew it he had blown his load inside of me, down my ass crack, and even across my stomach. I thought it was over, one of the most boring sex schemes I had ever been through.

Steve made a big change after that. He still kept me on my back, but his cock slid up into my ass. It was definitely different, and began to wonder if he had ever flipped a bitch over before. But he knew what he was doing as he fucked that tight ass of mine from the top. I felt the hot stickiness of his juices hit me deep inside of my bottom.

He finally fell next to me, breathing hard and trying to speak. I just pushed my finger to his lips to hush him. It was easier than listening to him and let him just catch his breath.


Adult Dating

30 May

I moved to London from the midlands last year and I found it very hard to meet people outside of work. I tried different ways, but I found online dating works the best! I’ve been on a couple of dates and met some really nice people.

The site I am using at the moment is http://www.saucydate.net as it allows me to post some saucy pic’s of myself. I will keep you updated on how my online dating adventures work



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